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O Tupulaga o le Lumanai

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“High Quality Early Childhood Education is the only proven technique that will alter the life course of a child.”
Our programme is based on Te Whariki & DOP’s the N.Z Early Childhood curriculum.
We offer the children a self choice developmentally appropriate programme based on educational equipment designed to stimulate children to think, problem-solve, progress physically, emotionally and socially.

The trained staff interact with the children, extending language and thought.Children build their learning on their previous knowledge and the staff support and nurture that learning. Our programmes are designed for children to be active, to be involved with materials and other children. The children have freedom of choice and play with the equipment and materials set out.

Children are encouraged to be self disciplined. All children are encouraged to take care of and to value the equipment and resources in their environment. Alongside our self-selection programme we run an educational plan. This can include visits from people in our community i.e. Fire-fighter, Health, Nurse, Police. Visits to places ego local library, music, local parks & bush walk. We bring together ideas from our Samoan world, art, craft, books and music. Children are never forced to join in, but they are encouraged to

Leataata Contact Details


91/93 Moire Road, West Harbour, Massey East 0618



Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 4:30 pm

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